​I have made many friends in this business, many from my tours.  They "discover" the Lake Tahoe environment on a business trip or a short vacation trip and then develop a strong interest in returning for more.

Lake Tahoe   I have had a lot of fun with my Lake Tahoe Tours. Driving around the lake takes about 2 hours.... if there were no stops.  These personalized tours are tuned to your interests and available time, and range from 2 1/2 hours to 10 hours.  Options can include Squaw Valley (and the breath-taking gondola), Emerald Bay, and Sand Harbor.

Virginia City  History buffs will find heaven here.  This is an authentic "wild west" experience has gunfights, honky tonk music, steam engines, camel races, mine tours, a museum, and the list goes on.  Mark Twain started his career here.  The local Comstock Cowboys singers are fixtures with their western cowboy music.  And of course there is the famous cemetary headstones like "Here Lies Joe   Shot with a 44   Joe is No More".

Yosemite Park  The Parks east gate is only 2 hours from Lake Tahoe.  The steep climb to the east gate from Lee Vining brings you to the park high country with abundant wildlife and spectacular alpine lake vistas.  This is usually a 10 hour trip with no traffic issues, as compared to the west gates near Fresno.

Black Rock Desert  The home of "Burning Man" festivals, a counter culture heaven!

Mine Tour  NE Nevada (Elko, etc) is wide open desert country full of ghost towns and mines.  As an ex mine owner, I have a two day tour under construction.

Rim and Pacific Crest Trails Connections.  These hiking trips are usually taken in chunks.  I take folks to their trailheads, and their pick up locations.

Tahoe Bike Races  My van transports enthusiasts, including bikes to and from their race locations and the Reno Airport.

Stanford Camp & Desolation Wilderness  These are remote destinations often requiring airport connections.

Rural  Northern Nevada and Northern California. I am very highly qualified and motivated to consider other Reno airport  travel options.  Please use the form at the right to enter your trip details and requests.
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